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This blog was born to fight the online defamation websites that attack individuals and corporates, and ask for money to remove the negative articles with the excuse to “improve the online reputation”.

We started to investigate the “Fintelegram Mafia Family” behind the website, they want to appear as a “financial intelligence service with the mission to protect investors by providing up-to-date information about scams and investment opportunities in the cyberfinance space, providing investigative journalism covering scams, financial crime, illegal online schemes, and perpetrators on the ground of a strong whistleblower community”.

After we started to investigate more and more websites, bigger than, and we discovered an online Mafia of dozen websites.

These websites “USE” their Whistleblowers to find new people and companies to target and create one or more articles to damage the online reputation, with the help of search engines and SEO techniques.

This blog has different people and companies that are paying for the online investigations and the social media posts in order to expose these scammers and get the attention of journalists and also cooperate with entities like Interpol, Europol, Eurojust and FBI.

The unique solution to fight their business is to stop the way how they make money.

If you pay these extortionists you become their friend and they cancel everything about you. 

But you become also their chicken because they will continue to expose you on other websites and get more and more money.

Here we have a simple philosophy:

The friend of my enemy is my enemy.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend!

And then what we’ll do with the enemies, we’ll disclose everything here. Because if you pay them, you have something TO HIDE!

Sorry if we expose you here again, but it’s for a bigger reason, destroy them and stop this shit business!

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